We design and fabricate Ball Machine sculptures for airports, hospitals, art museums, science centers, trade shows, and other public spaces. We work in partnership with the acclaimed kinetic artist, George Rhoads. Our Ball Machine sculptures delight audiences through their ingenious devices, colorful themes, and playful movement. Every Ball Machine we make shares our proven engineering but express different themes and emotions. We have created Ball Machines that illustrate many natural and mechanical processes, depict animals and regional attractions, and evoke the motion and emotion of various sports. For more information, visit the following link to the George Rhoads Ball Machines Brochure.

We have found that people watch 'Archimedean Excogitation' for much longer than they do exhibits of the very same mechanical devices - gears, levers, pulleys, and the like - that are displayed elsewhere in the museum in a more didactic fashion.
Boston Museum of Science
I put [Ball Machines] in shopping centers because it makes a better day for people no matter who they are - rich or poor, educated or not. They get enjoyment out of it, talk about it, and then others come out to see it, too.
National Shopping Centers
A children's hospital is a perfect setting for this fun work of art.
The Carmel Hill Fund