Zippy Zoo was the fourth ball machine to be installed in a U.S Children’s Hospital, originally installed in 1996. It contains many devices that are themed around whimsical animals for the children and parents to watch. There is a cat and a monkey pendulum switch that will swing back and forth as the ball passes through them, making their eyes jiggle as well. There is an Ostrich form with a counterbalance that rocks back and forth as balls enter and leave it’s mouth. The Fish Hammer Chime appears to be a fish head swallowing and then disgorging the ball. There are many other devices all based around an animal theme, however there is also a specially designed turtle that opens it’s mouth when balls roll up to it, swallows the balls causing the legs to move and then exits the turtle and spills back onto the track. This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.

6' x 30'' x 7'

Columbia Presbyterian Babies and Children's Hospital, New York, NY