Cathedral Coaster Fabrication Update

The ball machine crew has been busy putting together our newest kinetic rolling ball sculpture, Cathedral Coaster, for American Memorial Hospital in Reims, France. The kinetic sculpture will feature a variety of devices, including hammer-bells, loop-de-loops, ball lifters, swinging-birds and spiral helixes. Here are some photos from the ball machine fabrication shop of this whimsical sculpture coming together! Check out the last blog post about this project HERE.

Cathedral Coaster Ball Machine Fabrication Begins

Our Cathedral Coaster Ball Machine is in production! This new rolling ball sculpture was commissioned by American Memorial Hospital, a hospital located in Reims, France that specializes in pediatric medicine. This kinetic machine celebrates the rich history of the region with a depiction of Reims Cathedral integrated into the structure among many other whimsical elements. Here are some photos of the first stages of this kinetic ball machine coming together.

Year in Review — A Look Back at 2017

2017 has been a busy year for us at Creative Machines. Wings Over Water won Best Art Installation in Houston Press’s Best of Houston 2017 issue. MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, for whom we built the endless array of interactive exhibits, won Best Museum + Best Family Fun Spot for 2017 for the Santa Barbara Independent’s Best of Santa Barbara issue, among other recognitions. These projects wouldn’t be successful without the support of the communities that continuously engage with our work, and for that we thank you. […]

Incrediball Journey through Stanford Campus Installed!

Incrediball Journey through Stanford Campus is a new Ball Machine Sculpture recently installed in the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital! The balls travel through this custom machine and give viewers the opportunity to experience Stanford Campus in an entirely new way. As visitors watch, the ball travels along the track, passing many of the artistic, academic, historical and memorable places on the campus, reimagined as small ball machine devices and models. We’re very excited to see this project finally complete!

Incrediball Journey through Stanford Campus Fabrication Progress

We’ve been working for a few months now on a new ball machine called Incrediball Journey through Stanford Campus. This new ball machine features many new devices as well as site specific miniatures that reference real buildings and landmarks that can be found throughout Stanford. The balls travel through the machine as students travel across the campus; as visitors watch, the ball travels past Hoover Tower, the Bing Concert Hall, the Stanford Stadium and more. We hope this new machine will excite viewers of all ages and provide them with […]

Adcetris Finds New Home in Seattle!

Adcetris, a ball-machine inspired by the creation of an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) medicine that helps patients battle cancer, has found a new permanent home at Seattle Genetics! This machine was used as an attention-building means to attract doctors to the company’s booth to learn about the journey of the ADC through the bloodstream; its binding with a cell-surface receptor, and how it enters the cell to attack the cancer. The machine has been displayed at various medical conferences and facilities over the past few years before being permanently installed in […]

Incrediball Journey through Stanford Campus

Incrediball Journey through Stanford Campus is a new Ball Machine Sculpture being built for the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. The balls travel through this custom machine and give viewers the opportunity to experience Stanford Campus in an entirely new way. As visitors watch, the ball travels along the track, passing many of the artistic, academic, historical and memorable places on the campus, reimagined as small ball machine devices and models. Incrediball Journey through Stanford Campus will install later this year!

Din Don Installation!

Our ball machine team began the rigorous process of restoring the towering Din Don ball machine in 2016. After many years of bringing enjoyment and glee to thousands of shoppers, the sculpture required some general maintenance, repairs and a good cleaning. The monumental sculpture was disassembled, crated, and shipped to Tucson, Arizona to begin its restoration. Now that the process is complete, the monumental kinetic piece of art is being re-installed in the Kobe Harborland shopping center in Kobe, Japan. Check out the installation process below! And if you missed […]

Din Don Restoration Update

Our ball machine team has been busy meticulously cleaning, repairing and reconstructing Din Don, a monumental ball machine sculpture from Kobe, Japan made by famed kinetic artist George Rhodes in 1992. Once the restoration is complete, the sculpture will again be disassembled, crated, and then make its way back to Kobe Harborland with Creative Machine’s ball machine team. From there, they will piece the sculpture back together and get it ready to bring joy and wonder back into the lives of those who visit Kobe Harborland for years to come! […]

MOXI Sound Machine Fabrication Updates

Our team of Ball Machine fabricators have been working hard to create a one of a kind Ball Machine Sculpture for MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation in Santa Barbara. Sound Machine will feature a variety of classic ball machine devices in addition to an interactive crank that guests of the museum can spin, consequently controlling the movement of the balls on one of the many tracks. Of course Sound Machine wouldn’t be complete without a few sound producing elements. The completed sculpture will include chimes, bells and […]

Din Don Restoration!

In addition to building new and exciting ball machines, Creative Machines also restores older kinetic sculptures that are in need of maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. The Din Don Ball Machine from Kobe, Japan was originally built in 1992, and after many years of providing entertainment and joy to thousands of people it was time for a little much needed TLC! Watch the beginning of the restoration process unravel below, and be sure to look out for our next post which will document more behind the scenes details as the ball […]

Newton’s Daydream Has Been Installed!

The newly restored Newton’s Daydream has been installed in The Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah. The ball machine sculpture was originally created in 2005 by artist, George Rhoads. It is located inside the Planetarium’s main lobby and has become a focal point for all visitors. The two story audiokinetic sculpture features an intricate maze of moving balls with many classic devices such as the Climber, Wraparound, and Spinner. The ball machine also includes an interactive wheel where visitors can change the pathway of the balls causing them to […]

Summer Fantasy Installed

The latest Summer Fantasy Ball Machine Sculpture in our Limited Edition series was installed last week at Dayton Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. We worked closely with Distinctive Art Source to incorporate the ball machine enclosure into the recently expanded hospital. Summer Fantasy includes many classic devices such as Randomizing Pendulums, a Hammer Chime, a Bounce & Catch, and 2 Hammer Bells. Limited Edition Ball Machine Sculptures can be freestanding, placed on a table top or mounted in an enclosure. Summer Fantasy livens the space and creates a welcoming environment […]

Newton’s Daydream Has Shipped!

Newton’s Daydream is all packed up and ready to be shipped back to its home at The Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah. We recently restored the audiokinetic sculpture by adding rings of LED lights to the overhead track. The glowing rings are equipped with blue led lights, is motion sensored and will be activated by balls as they glide along the track. These lighting effects echo those of comets traveling through space and creates a captivating light show on the ceiling of the planetarium’s lobby. The restoration project […]

Newton’s Daydream Fabrication Update

Newton’s Daydream, built by George Rhoads in 2005, is a 30-foot, audio kinetic ball sculpture at the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah. The sculpture is located on the stairway in the planetarium’s main lobby and is a focal point for all visitors. The artwork spans two stories allowing visitors to explore its intricate maze of track from two vantage points. The piece contains approximately 300’ of track and even covers the ceiling with a swirling path meandering around seven illuminated planet-like spheres. We are currently working on some […]

42nd Street Ballroom was re-installed!

42nd Street Ballroom was packed and shipped back to New York earlier this week. Adan Banuelos and Mat Petersen flew to NYC to reinstall and test the machine on location at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Many visitors were extremely excited to have the ball machine back in its original home! 42nd Street Ballroom is one of George Rhoads’ most popular and well known ball machines. During the installation, we were pleased to hear visitor’s personal stories about their previous experiences with the machine and positive comments from people viewing […]

Restoring 42nd Street Ballroom

For the past few months, we have been working hard to restore George Rhoads’ sculpture 42nd Street Ballroom to its formal glory. This beloved ball machine had been installed at the Port Authority Bus Terminal since 1984 until recently when it was uninstalled and sent to Tucson for restoration. A lot of the devices and track are being repaired and updated but the sculpture’s original theme and sense of whimsy remain the same. Mat Petersen, Lucas Conrad, Nick Moore-Howerton, and Adan Banuelos have been working around the clock to finish […]

Le Reve de Newton is ready to ship!

We have finished fabricating Le Reve de Newton and we are currently running it for testing purposes. We test all of our ball machines for 1000 hours prior to shipping them to the client for installation. Le Reve de Newton will be ready to ship at the end of next week and will be installed at the Belgium Pass Museum some time in early June.

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