Creative Machines featured in BizTucson!

Creative Machines has been featured in the Winter 2017 Edition of BizTucson Magazine. The article highlights our newest public art piece, Wings Over Water (Houston, TX) – the driving force behind its creation as well as the process of fabrication and installation. It also includes information about the move to our new building some of our upcoming projects. Pick up your copy at any of the locations listed on their website or check out the online version, here.

Wings Over Water Complete!

We have been working for over a year on Wings Over Water with Houston First Corporation and Houston Arts Alliance and are pleased to announce its completion! The concept for the sculpture was inspired by the theme of migration, which is one of the governing metaphors behind the architectural re-design of the convention center. The connection between avian and human migration reflects Houston’s diverse population. The sculpture features 32 wings that continuously beat creating the sense of progress and movement over the Fountain of the Americas. The fountain will cycle […]

Stories Interweave Fabrication

We have begun fabrication on Stories Interweave!. This series of sculptures will be permanently installed beneath the Colfax Avenue light rail station in Aurora, CO. Stories Interweave will feature a series of hanging brilliantly lit chandeliers. At night, the pieces will glow brilliantly with color changing LED lights projecting words and patterns onto the underside of the bridge and some of the surrounding walls. The words are stories gathered from immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers residing in Aurora and describe their personal experiences, but also reflect larger universal themes of […]

Camaraderie Fabrication!

Fabrication on Camaraderie has begun! Camaraderie is a series of three monumental sculptures located at a veteran’s clinic in Palo Alto, CA. The piece was inspired by the strong sense of camaraderie found among the members of the armed forces. The sculpture integrates words collected from veterans to tell their exceptional story of friendship and solidarity. Having companionship and a strong support structure has proved beneficial to the healing process, and our goal was to remind patients of this support by reading the encouraging words of actual veterans. The form […]

Wings Over Water Install Phase Two

We just wrapped up the second install of Wings Over Water! Our first piece in Houston, in collaboration with Houston First Corporation and Houston Arts Alliance, has been in the making since mid 2015. Wings Over Water is a monumental, kinetic sculpture integrated into the Fountain of Americas in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center. Our installation team: Logan Crouse, Wolfgang Devine and Kim Kwasny did a great job on the installation with the help of many other local Houston companies. This piece has been a collaboration from […]

Wings Over Water Wing Shipment

Wings Over Water’s 32 wings are all packed up and ready for shipment! Over the last month we have been finishing up the wing fabrication, a two-step process that included the fabrication of the aluminum wings and the attachment of the white Stamisol fabric skins. Our team of designers and fabricators will be traveling back to Houston, TX to continue installing the massive kinetic sculpture in the Fountain of Americas outside the George R. Brown Convention Center. Wings Over Water has been commissioned by Houston First Corporation and Houston Arts […]

MOXI Exhibits Fabrication Update!

Over the past few months we have been working diligently on the wrap up of fabrication and installation of the 30+ exhibits to be installed in MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation. We have a rotating installation team in Santa Barbara while our fabrication team continues fabrication work on the remaining exhibits here at the shop. The new exhibits that are set to fill the new museum will inspire creativity and wonder, encouraging kids of all ages to learn new things and challenge their minds. It has been […]

More Wings Over Water Fabrication Updates

While our install team has been working hard in Houston, our fabrication team has been continuing progress on the individual wings. Each wing is constructed out of stainless steel, aluminum and Stamisol fabric skins. These wings will move in a smooth and natural movement across the top of the sculpture. Once the wings have been finished, we will be sending them along with the spine to Houston for the final installation. Wings Over Water has been commissioned by Houston First Corporation and Houston Arts Alliance; it is being installed within […]

First Round of Exhibits Installed!

We just finished installing some of our new exhibits into MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Innovation + Exploration! We had a great installation team out there for one week to install the first phase of exhibits. We are currently continuing the detail design and fabrication in Tucson and will be shipping more exhibits to Santa Barbara within the next month. The first phase installation team included Ty Augsburger, Alex Dittrich, Josh Gill, Eric Gustafson, Soroosh Hedayati, David Irving, Sam Kolb and Kate Psyk.

Din Don Restoration!

In addition to building new and exciting ball machines, Creative Machines also restores older kinetic sculptures that are in need of maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. The Din Don Ball Machine from Kobe, Japan was originally built in 1992, and after many years of providing entertainment and joy to thousands of people it was time for a little much needed TLC! Watch the beginning of the restoration process unravel below, and be sure to look out for our next post which will document more behind the scenes details as the ball […]

Newton’s Daydream Has Been Installed!

The newly restored Newton’s Daydream has been installed in The Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah. The ball machine sculpture was originally created in 2005 by artist, George Rhoads. It is located inside the Planetarium’s main lobby and has become a focal point for all visitors. The two story audiokinetic sculpture features an intricate maze of moving balls with many classic devices such as the Climber, Wraparound, and Spinner. The ball machine also includes an interactive wheel where visitors can change the pathway of the balls causing them to […]

Newton’s Daydream Has Shipped!

Newton’s Daydream is all packed up and ready to be shipped back to its home at The Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah. We recently restored the audiokinetic sculpture by adding rings of LED lights to the overhead track. The glowing rings are equipped with blue led lights, is motion sensored and will be activated by balls as they glide along the track. These lighting effects echo those of comets traveling through space and creates a captivating light show on the ceiling of the planetarium’s lobby. The restoration project […]

Award for Excellence!

We are excited to announce that we were recently presented with the Award for Excellence in Global Business by the Arizona District Export Council and the U.S. Commercial Service. The Arizona Technology Council made it a night to remember by hosting an After5 Tech Mixer right here in our shop. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!

Fabricating Exhibits for MOXI!

We are working hard on an exciting new museum project currently being built in Santa Barbara, CA. MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation will be filled with interactive exhibits that challenge visitors to learn new things by exploring science and creativity. We are in the midst of detailing and fabricating over 37 exhibits. Ty Augsburger, Director of Exhibits, has been overseeing the management of the entire project. Our key exhibit designers, Josh Gill, Kat Hewey, and Kate Psych have been working diligently on engineering designs and prepping fabrication […]

Puzzle Wall at ASCO!

We partnered with Navicor and Amgen to create an interactive and informative exhibit for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. TVEC Puzzle Wall was created to elevate awareness about the cancer immunity cycle in melanoma. The exhibit focuses on the first three stages of the immunity cycle; antigen release, antigen presentation, and T-cell priming, activation, and memory generation. It also depicts the last four stages; migration, infiltration, recognition, and cell death. The exhibit features a magnetic interactive wall which represents a lymph node, […]

As Above, So Below installed in Four Seasons Abu Dhabi

The Four Seasons is Abu Dhabi’s newest and most exciting luxury hotel. Set on Abu Dhabi’s waterfront in a dynamic and walkable urban environment, the hotel also features our latest sculpture series As Above, So Below. The five pointed star is decorated with what appears to be a straightforward floral arabesque inspired by islamic calligraphy. But, the ‘vines’ are created using conic sections – ellipses, parabolas and spirals – the sort of pathways that stars and other bodies in space would take when guided only by gravity and their own […]

As Above, So Below Fabrication & Shipping

As Above, So Below is our most recent art series featuring 2 five-pointed stars to be installed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi! Each sculpture contains hundreds of tiny point source lights that will be placed within each of the five points to project the calligraphic patterns onto the surrounding area. We recently finished testing and placing the light structures in the stars to make sure everything is perfectly ready for installation. Currently, we’re in the process of packing up the sculptures and preparing them for shipment to […]

Small Talk About the Weather featured in OKC Artscapes

Joe O’Connell recently went to an opening event for our newest piece, Small Talk About the Weather! Many people came to visit the sculpture that now drapes one of the pedestrian corridors of the Art’s District parking garage. Throughout the day, Joe had the opportunity to walk around and talk to visitors about the piece; he also sat down with a small team to discuss the inspiration and concept behind the piece. “When our team visited Oklahoma City, we were struck by how often people greeted one another with a […]

Small Talk About the Weather Installed!

We have finally installed Small Talk About the Weather! Small Talk About the Weather is a touchstone for the communal sharing of life’s experiences. This artwork consists of graceful organic geometries that flow and curve along the length of the pedestrian corridor ceiling. The luminous bands, inspired by doppler radar data, give the impression of abstract weather patterns energetically glowing overhead and also offer an attractive contrast to the rectilinear geometries of the concourse. As people walk through the corridor they will experience a visual representation of Oklahoma City’s weather […]

Living Tree at Spark!

Last week, we sent Eric Gustafson and Logan Crouse to Mesa, Arizona for the Spark! Festival for Creativity to install one of our temporary projects, Living Tree. We covered some of the local trees in beautiful color changing LED lights and incorporated an interactive panel that allows visitors to control the lighting and emit playful sounds. At the Spark! Festival, visitors were able to press buttons on the control panel in front of the tree to simultaneously control the sculpture’s lighting and play different sounds.The trees came alive, dancing along […]

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