Color Factory

Color Factory
A colorful, kinetic sculpture.
Color Factory
A visitor controlled experience.
Color Factory
The entire sculpture moves at the slightest touch.
Color Factory
Precision combined with community participation.
Color Factory
A format for capturing and mixing colored light.
Color Factory
Color Factory
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  • Acrylic,
  • Indoor,
  • Interactive

When the Children’s Museum of Utah moved to a new location, they commissioned an interactive sculpture for their atrium. Everything can be controlled by kids in a significant way. All the huge pieces overhead can be moved by visitors turning handwheels, and when the pieces move they control the color of light shining into the glassy atrium. To create this piece Joe developed a unique process for creating colored acrylic that has found applications in the scientific and architectural lighting fields. The hanging liquid tubes are the work of Andrew Smith, a Utah artist with whom he worked.

completed, 2006

180' x 2' x 40'

MDF, color laminated acrylic, mechanical components

Salt Lake City, UT

Commissioning Agency:
Discovery Gateway

Joe O'Connell