Best of Instagram!

It’s time for another installment of The Best of Instagram (check out the first one here). We love seeing your photos of our art on social media. Seeing visitors interact with and enjoy our work breaths life into what we do. So, we’ve collected some of our favorites to share with you! Be sure to visit their profiles to like or comment. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #creativemachines when posting online so we don’t miss any of your awesome photos! Instagram user Christine Duval enjoys Brilliance at the Palo […]

Wings Over Water Wing Shipment

Wings Over Water’s 32 wings are all packed up and ready for shipment! Over the last month we have been finishing up the wing fabrication, a two-step process that included the fabrication of the aluminum wings and the attachment of the white Stamisol fabric skins. Our team of designers and fabricators will be traveling back to Houston, TX to continue installing the massive kinetic sculpture in the Fountain of Americas outside the George R. Brown Convention Center. Wings Over Water has been commissioned by Houston First Corporation and Houston Arts […]

Wings Over Water Install Phase One

The first phase of the Wings Over Water installation has finished in Houston, TX! With the help of Houston First Corporation, Houston Arts Alliance, and the George R. Brown Convention Center, we are able to create Wings Over Water, one of our largest projects to date. During this first phase, we installed the sculpture’s motor, helix, and side supports. Our installation team: Logan Crouse, Christer Dreisbach, and Kim Kwasny worked in Houston for the last 2 weeks to ensure the successful completion of Phase One. Phase Two will happen in […]

Wings Over Water is Headed to Houston!

It’s time to begin installing Wings Over Water, the massive kinetic sculpture designed and fabricated for Houston First Corporation and Houston Arts Alliance. The wings lining the top of the sculpture span 70ft, and the artwork was designed to sit inside an equally monumental fountain outside of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. Because of the sculpture’s size and complexity, we will be completing the installation in two phases. Phase One will include the installation of the motor, helix, and side supports in preparation for the fountain […]

Wings Over Water Fabrication Update

Creative Machines was selected to design and fabricate a monumental kinetic sculpture that will be integrated into the Fountain of Americas outside of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. This piece, Wings Over Water, was commissioned by Houston First Corporation in collaboration with Houston Arts Alliance. The sculpture was inspired by the theme of migration, which is one of the governing metaphors behind the architectural re-design of the convention center. The connection between avian and human migration reflects Houston’s diverse population but also the idea that people […]