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Small Talk About the Weather

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Urn at All Souls Procession

We pioneer new ways to inspire wonder and imagination.
Creative Machines is a design & fabrication firm that creates interactive exhibits, ball machines & large-scale artwork. We create objects and environments that encourage creativity, support interaction, and transform spaces. Our work is enjoyed in public places all over the world.

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Wings Over Water Complete!

We have been working for over a year on Wings Over Water with Houston First Corporation and Houston Arts Alliance and are pleased to announce its completion! The concept for the sculpture was inspired by the theme of migration, which is […]

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Camaraderie Fabrication!

Fabrication on Camaraderie has begun! Camaraderie is a series of three monumental sculptures located at a veteran’s clinic in Palo Alto, CA. The piece was inspired by the strong sense of camaraderie found among the members of the armed forces. The […]

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Wings Over Water Install Phase Two

We just wrapped up the second install of Wings Over Water! Our first piece in Houston, in collaboration with Houston First Corporation and Houston Arts Alliance, has been in the making since mid 2015. Wings Over Water is a monumental, kinetic […]

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Wings Over Water Wing Shipment

Wings Over Water’s 32 wings are all packed up and ready for shipment! Over the last month we have been finishing up the wing fabrication, a two-step process that included the fabrication of the aluminum wings and the attachment of the […]

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MOXI Exhibits Fabrication Update!

Over the past few months we have been working diligently on the wrap up of fabrication and installation of the 30+ exhibits to be installed in MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation. We have a rotating installation team in […]

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More Wings Over Water Fabrication Updates

While our install team has been working hard in Houston, our fabrication team has been continuing progress on the individual wings. Each wing is constructed out of stainless steel, aluminum and Stamisol fabric skins. These wings will move in a smooth […]