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Small Talk About the Weather

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Urn at All Souls Procession

We pioneer new ways to inspire wonder and imagination.
Creative Machines is a design & fabrication firm that creates interactive exhibits, ball machines & large-scale artwork. We create objects and environments that encourage creativity, support interaction, and transform spaces. Our work is enjoyed in public places all over the world.

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Designing Twilight Garden

We have been working on a new project to be installed in Mesa, Arizona. Twilight Garden is a series of four glowing translucent sculptures for the Morris Plaza. The sculptures will be human scale and their shapes will encourage interaction between […]

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Shipping more Watercolor Walls

Tomorrow we will be shipping out two more Watercolor Walls! These two will be going to the ProHealth Care Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Both of these sculptures features a new design, one with healing focussed words and the other with an […]

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Testing Exhibits

Earlier this week, we prototyped a handful of exhibits to see how some kids from a local school would interact with them. We set a variety of exhibits up at different stations so the kids could rotate through and play with […]

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Le Reve de Newton is ready to ship!

We have finished fabricating Le Reve de Newton and we are currently running it for testing purposes. We test all of our ball machines for 1000 hours prior to shipping them to the client for installation. Le Reve de Newton will […]

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Fabricating On Display

Kim Kwasny and Lucas Conrad are still working on the fabrication for On Display, a short series of sculptures for the City of Denver. Fabrication is going well and Kim is currently working on finishing up the structural metal fabrication in […]

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Fabricating Small Talk about the Weather!

We have been working on fabrication for a new sculpture that will be located in Oklahoma City. Small Talk about the Weather is a hanging sculpture that will flow along the length of a pedestrian corridor. This piece is a touchstone […]