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Chinook Arc

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Fish Bellies

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Ballroom Luminoso

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Chinook Arc

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Urn at All Souls Procession

We pioneer new ways to inspire wonder and imagination.
Creative Machines is a design & fabrication firm that creates interactive exhibits, ball machines & large-scale artwork. We create objects and environments that encourage creativity, support interaction, and transform spaces. Our work is enjoyed in public places all over the world.

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The Steampunk User’s Manual features Ballroom Luminoso!

Ballroom Luminoso is featured in a new book coming out this week! The Steampunk User’s Manual by Jeff VanderMeer and Desirina Boskovich is a compilation of unique art, fashion, architecture, crafts, music, performance and storytelling projects featuring the Steampunk aesthetic. They […]

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Texas Rising Complete!

Texas Rising was recently installed on the Texas Tech University campus! After many months of planning, design and fabrication, Texas Rising is complete with five large stars rising out of the ground and 2 star-shaped chandeliers bracketing the courtyard. From the […]

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Fabricating Texas Rising

We’ve been hard at work fabricating Texas Rising over the past few months, designing patterns, welding, finishing panels and creating high powered LED lights. We have just finished the biggest star and are installing it on the Texas Tech University campus […]

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Alexian Pinwheels Completed & Ready for Install

Pinwheels is a new sculpture that we recently completed for the Alexian Brothers Women and Children’s Hospital. The entire piece consists of 14 petaled forms, reminiscent of flowers that will spin as visitors activate touch points. Each petal was carefully routed […]

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Palo Alto Brilliance Installed

Brilliance has been installed in Palo Alto, CA at the Palo Alto Main Library and Arts Center. Brilliance features 6 different forms that contain multi-lingual proverbs and a touch sensor that allows for visitor interactivity. With each press of the button, […]